Chefs2U is an interesting mix of education and enjoyment, with2 divisions: 

    1 Chefs2U Food and Restaurant Consultants (call 402-917-0128) 

                  (a division of Profit Source Hospitality Group)

          We specialize in three areas:

           (a) Restaurants that wish to increase their profit, or restaurants that need a makeover

           (b) Culinary schools that need assistance in growing, or updating

           (c) Assisting people to build new effective kitchens.

       2 Omaha Culinary Tours ( )

           (a) Tour restaurants, meet people, and have great fun!  

           (b) Bring your group to  us for a team building tour or class!

           (c) Have an outing with friends and family

    Chef2U Seminars and Classes   




About US: 

The owner of  Chef2U is Jim Trebbien, who started working in restaurants at age 15,  studied and received degrees in Math, Sociology, and Culinary Arts and then worked as a chef, manager, consultant, business owner, teacher and author  in the industry.  He recently retired as the Dean and Executive Director of  the Institute for the Culinary Arts in Omaha Nebraska. 

His Partners:

Ben Trebbien is a graduate of  Wayne State and VP. 

Suzanne Allen is co-owner of Omaha Culinary Tours

Tim Buckley is the Chefs2U Technical Director